Frequently Asked Questions

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Will insurance cover total cost of repairs?

We match all Insurance company rates and appraisals regardless of the carrier or referral program status. This means after the estimate and supplements are completed your ONLY cost will be deductible and betterment should they apply. In most cases one or both do not apply


How long will the repairs take?

After the estimate is repaired we will be able to give you a ballpark estimate as to when your vehicle's repairs will be completed. As such, there may be unforeseen damage found and in that case a supplemental claim will be submitted to your insurance company and the estimator will then be able to give you any extended time needed in order repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition


If the frame is damaged, can it be repaired properly?

We utilize the Chief Velosity state-of-the-art laser measuring system. We can print out a before and after spec sheet of YOUR VEHICLE assuring you of accuracy to no more than 4 mm sometimes less . Our technicians will return your vehicle to its original factory specifications. If the frame section is bent beyond a safe repair, then that section will be replaced. Safety is our main concern when repairing your vehicles chassis integrity.


How can I get a rental car?

Tecce's Collision and Frame Corp. works with local rental companies just next door along with out own rental car companies. Even under 25 drivers may benefit by our affiliate companies. They will meet you at our shop or we can give you a ride to their facility.


Since my car is going to be painted, can you match the factory paint color of my vehicle?

Paint is mixed in our PPG AUTOCOLOR mixing room by our expert technicians. Color match is achieved but in some cases, due to fading of the original paint. Blending and tinting may be required into adjacent panels to achieve a satisfactory finished appearance. You will be very happy when you see the finished product.


Is it possible to get a ride back to my home or work after dropping my vehicle off?

We will gladly give you a ride home or to your place of employment and arrange to pick you up when your repairs are finished.